Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sport's Week at St.Mary's!

For our third week of lab at St.Mary's, I was a part of the gym group. As this group we got to observe and work with a diverse group of students, with a range of ages and skill levels. I really enjoyed doing this because it was exciting to be able to help the children have fun by teaching them games. With a sports theme, we tried to keep our games related to sports and worked on many different athletic poses with the students which was also very interesting in itself. After finishing up with our games we went downstairs for snack/to play board games & color with the students. I also really enjoyed this part because I felt like I got to connect with the students in a different kind of way than I do when just playing games in the gym. I got a better chance to talk with some of them one on one and got to know them a little better than I did before. Which was very exciting and made me more motivated to want to go back and work with them some more! Also, don't forget to check out my lab reflection for this week!

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