Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 4

The student that I usually mentor did not come to the after school program today. Instead, I worked with another girl who is in third grade. I had a lot of fun working with her and I think that she really liked having someone work with her one on one. In the beginning, we sat at a table and worked on her homework together. She was studying for a spelling test and we did this by quizing each other on the words. I think that she enjoyed quizing me because she liked having the power position of being the teacher, and it helped her learn the words when she "corrected" mine. Once we finished her homework, we colored for the rest of the time until snack time. This was fun because we were telling each other what to draw and then ended up both giving each other our drawings when we were done. I think she really liked that I let her keep mine and that I was excited about being able to keep hers. After this, it was snack time and we just sat around and talked while she ate her snack. Since it was cold today, we did not go outside but instead played games in the gym. Before I ever worked with this student, I remember seeing her be very active and enjoy running around but today she was completely opposite. I'm not sure if she just wasn't in the mood for it or if she was really just enjoying the one on one time sitting around but she insisted that we sit out and read. So that is what we did. She had 3 different books with her and she read them all to me like I was her "student". Again, I think she was liking being in the power position. Her mother got there to pick her up while we were on the last book so we finished it up quick and then she had to go. I really enjoyed working with this new student and am glad I got the opportunity to see this change of pace from my other student.

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