Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 5

Today was my second day back at the sports complex, and I worked with a different student than I did the first week. He was around 7 years old and had some developmental delays. He was also very quiet so as much as I tried to keep conversation going I struggled to connect with him. At the beginning, we did "Run Around the World" again. I really like this activity because the kids all seem to enjoy it and it is a great way to get them to get their heart rates up for a little while. Last time, I just stood at the finish and handed out tickets to students after each lap but this time I actually ran with the students. I had fun with this because I kept switching off students and running with different groups and enjoyed getting to socialize with all of them. It was also nice to be able to help motivate them to run faster with me for a little while and I was glad that I could convince some of them to do so. Once we were done with this activity and finished counting up our miles, the 201 mentors took over again. They had a few fun group games planned at the beginning and then we were divided into two different groups. One group worked on basketball dribbling and one worked on soccer dribbling and we switched half way through. My student did pretty well in both of these and I think he enjoyed the positive feedback I gave him on his skills. One interesting experience that I had during these drills was when a student told me that they were bad at soccer, and I told him that's why we are practicing and he responded with "well i'm not practicing and you can't make me, this is America you know, it's a free country!". This is a little funny now but I was pretty taken aback and not sure what to say at the time. However, this child also had a mentor with them and they diffused the situation right then.

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