Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 6

Today was Veteran's day so the Elementary's schools had the day off. However, the student that I work with had a full day at the YWCA so I went there for a couple hours to still have my set time with him. He did very well today and I was pleased with his attitude overall. When I first got there, he wanted me to read to him so we did that for a little while and then everyone went to the gym. We went with them but after being in there for about 5 minutes he decided that he did not want to do that today so we went back to the classroom. We then played with play dough for a while and used cookie cutters to make fun shapes and had a few good laughs about that. After this, the rest of the students came back in for snack so we sat around then table with a group and chatted over snack. Once this was over, we went to a different classroom where there was stations set up. The stations included dress up, blocks, cards, coloring and Foosball. Students were allowed to choose which station they wanted to go to and rotate at their own pace. My student and I started at the dress up station but kind of just played with the toys sitting around and watch the other students dress up in funny costumes rather than dressing up ourselves. After this, we went to the block station and spent a long time building and knocking down different structures. When rotating to the next station, my student had a little accident and another mentor took him to the bathroom to clean up so during this time I played Foosball with some other children. When my child got back, we went to the coloring station for about 5 minutes and then his mom got there to pick him up. Besides the one little accident from today, it was a very good day with my student!

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