Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Always Have A Back-up Plan!

For this weeks lab my group worked with the cafeteria group, which was all the older boys. This week was much different than the other weeks when we worked with younger groups because every other time we got the students to play our games and for the most part, things basically went as planned. However, this week trying to teach these students games was basically useless. They had no interest in playing the games we had planned and wanted to just hangout and play basketball with their friends. After realizing that that was all they wanted to do, we decided to just start a pick up game, girls against boys and they ended up having a lot of fun trying to beat all the TA's. I always knew that it was important to go into classes with a back-up plan, but this week just ensured that for me and proved that I will also always have to respect what the students want to do and be willing to do that. To see more about what we did this week, check out my Lab Reflection!

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