Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 10

Since my last observation was only for an hour, I had 3 hours left to do until tonight. This being said I thought that my best option was to go to the after school program at the sports complex because I knew that they run from 3-6. Similar to the other times I was there, the first thing that we did was walk to the elementary school and pick the students up, once we got back to the complex we went onto the turf and started doing the around the world run. The student who I have been working with was not there this time so during the run I was just bouncing around from person to person taking the time to get to know them a little bit better. Once we sat down to figure out the results of the run, I ended up sitting next to a young boy who I was previously told had some developmental delays and was very shy and detached from the group. This was easy to see immediately because when I asked him questions he was slow and quiet to answer, with a short response majority of the time. This encounter was very similar to what all of his interactions with the other students that I saw were like. Because of this, he often did not have a partners for group games and activities. Although I wished he could get the chance to work with his peers more, this was a good stop for me to step in and work with him. Many of the skills that we worked on during the activities seemed pretty easy for him and he did well with them. So most of the skill related feedback that I gave him was good, but I did keep telling him to speak up while he was talking and to try and interact with other students. Although I did not see any sudden improvement in these areas, I hope that my time with him helped him realize that it would be good for him to do these things. I also hope that there are other people in his life who tell him this on a regular basis and encourage him to get involved with his peers.